How best to use this program

1. You must be registered to use this program. If you are not registered and you wish to register please call:
1-415-593-9221 (M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
1-415-593-9220 (All other times).

2. You can enter up to 10 Fares at a time. Repeat as many times as you need.

3. You may omit the leading "1-" from the trip id when entering your fare. However, if you do enter the number "1" you must also enter the hyphen "-".

4. Include the last letter of the Trip ID in uppercase or lowercase format! You may omit the hyphen "-" before the letter.

Some examples:

1-1234-A1 1234-AMissing '-' after the '1'
1234aa1234abTwo different letters
1-1234b1-1234Missing letter
1234BB1234Leter on the wrong side

5. Fare amount must be at least $3.50 (You must also enter Trip ID)

6. Toll amount either must be 0 or between $5.00 and $18.00 inclusive (You must also enter Trip ID and Fare)

7. If a Trip is cancelled or it is a 'no show': enter the Trip ID, the Fare (for our records), and then check the "Cancelled/No Show" checkbox.

8. Once you enter your fares properly and 'SEND', you will see a confirmation page where you can review your entry, edit it if necessary, or submit it (you will NOT be able to edit it after submission).

9. You may request for a list of your reported fares. Use the 'Reported Fares" menu to do so. The list for the requested dates along with daily totals will be emailed to you.

10. You can now also press any of the series number buttons to send your fares instead of having to scroll all the way down to the 'SEND' button.

All Buttons Send


Please report all fares within 24 hours!

- Fares entered after 24 hours will not be paid.

- Fares will not be accepted after 30 days of completion.

Network Issue:

If you are in an area with weak or no network, connection to this program may fail.